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Saas cat litter deodorizer lemon cented (250ml)



SAAS lemon-scented cat litter deodorizer beads effectively control litter box odors while releasing a refreshing lemon fragrance for a cleaner and more pleasant environment.


SAAS cat litter deodorizer in the form of lemon-scented beads is a convenient and effective product designed to combat odors in your cat’s litter box while leaving behind a refreshing lemon fragrance.

Key features of this product may include:

1. Odor Control: The lemon-scented beads are designed to absorb and neutralize unpleasant odors, keeping the litter box area smelling fresh.

2. Long-Lasting: These beads often release their lemon scent gradually, providing extended odor control without the need for frequent application.

3. Easy to Use: Simply place the beads in or near the litter box, and they will start working to maintain a pleasant environment.

4. Aromatic Appeal: The lemon scent adds a pleasant and invigorating fragrance to the surroundings, making the area more inviting.

5. Non-Toxic: Most cat litter deodorizer beads are safe for cats and humans when used as directed.

By using lemon-scented beads as a cat litter deodorizer, you can effectively control odors and enjoy the fresh and citrusy aroma of lemon in your cat’s litter area.


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You're viewing: Saas cat litter deodorizer lemon cented (250ml) AED30.00
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