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Saas cat litter deodorizer rose cented (250ml)



A rose-cented SAAS cat litter deodorizer helps control litter box odors while infusing a pleasant rose fragrance, creating a fresher and more inviting environment.


SAAS cat litter deodorizer with a rose scent is a product designed to eliminate and mask unpleasant odors in your cat’s litter box while adding a delightful rose fragrance. This deodorizer typically comes in powder or granule form for easy application.

Key features of a rose-centered cat litter deodorizer may include:

1. Odor Elimination: It contains ingredients that effectively neutralize and eliminate odors caused by your cat’s waste.

2. Aromatic Experience: The rose scent provides a pleasant and soothing fragrance to improve the overall atmosphere around the litter box.

3. Easy Application: You can easily sprinkle the deodorizer over the cat litter to start its odor-controlling action.

4. Long-lasting: Some products offer extended odor control, reducing the frequency of application.

5. Safe: These deodorizers are generally safe for both cats and humans when used as directed.

By using a rose-centered cat litter deodorizer, you can keep your cat’s litter box area smelling fresh and inviting with the added benefit of a lovely rose scent.


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You're viewing: Saas cat litter deodorizer rose cented (250ml) AED30.00
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