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Royal canin instinctive gravy wet food



Technical Details:

– Available in two sizes: 85g (individual piece) and a box of 12 x 85g servings.

– Suitable for adult cats of all breeds, including common domestic/house cats like Persian, Russian Blue, Bengal, Scottish Fold, Sphynx, Maine Coon, Burmese, British Shorthair, and more.

– Flavor options include fish and various meats.

– Food Type: Wet

Please note that the 85g and 12 x 85g (Box) options are sold separately.

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Introducing Royal Canin Instinctive in Gravy, a carefully crafted cat food designed to cater to the innate nutritional preferences of adult cats. We understand that every cat has its own unique tastes, and we’ve meticulously selected nutrients to create a dish that your feline friend will find irresistible. Our goal is to bridge the gap between what your cat craves and what it needs for optimal health.

Our formula is packed with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, ensuring that your cat consumes a highly digestible and nutritionally balanced meal. This combination of nutrients not only appeals to your cat’s instincts but also helps it maintain an ideal weight and supports a healthy urinary system.

**Product Features:**

– Optimal fat content to provide a reserve of energy for your cat’s active lifestyle.

– The fiber blend and protein contribute to a feeling of fullness, keeping your cat satisfied.

– Formulated to match the preferred nutritional profile of adult cats.

– Aids in maintaining an ideal weight.

– Supports a healthy urinary system.

– Features soft-textured kibble in delectable gravy for high palatability.

– Conveniently sealed in a pouch for freshness.


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