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Saas cat litter deodorizer apple cented (250ml)



Apple-scented cat litter deodorizer beads combat odors and add a fresh apple fragrance to the litter box for lasting odor control.


SAAS cat litter deodorizer in the form of apple-scented beads is designed to combat unwanted odors in your cat’s litter box while infusing a delightful apple aroma. These deodorizer beads are typically small, spherical pellets that can be scattered over the litter to provide long-lasting odor control.

Key characteristics of an apple-scented cat litter deodorizer in bead form may include:

1. Odor Elimination: The beads are formulated to absorb and eliminate unpleasant odors, creating a more pleasant and hygienic environment.

2. Apple Fragrance: The apple scent adds a refreshing and appealing aroma to the litter area, making it more inviting for both you and your cat.

3. Easy Application: You can conveniently distribute the beads evenly over the litter for ongoing odor control.

4. Lasting Effect: Many products offer extended odor protection, reducing the need for frequent application.

5. Non-toxic: These beads are typically safe for both cats and humans when used as directed.

By using apple-scented beads as a cat litter deodorizer, you can maintain a cleaner and more inviting litter box area, with the added benefit of a pleasant apple scent.


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You're viewing: Saas cat litter deodorizer apple cented (250ml) AED30.00
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